I had the pleasure of being introduced to Inappropriate guy last September. It was at the commencement of Fall classes at the University of Winnipeg. Being my fourth year at the institution, as well as the course being a very small one (14 students or so) I was led to believe that this class was to offer me an array of fellow like-minded individuals with whom intellectual conversation and shared learning would occur. Many of the students there each brought their own unique perspectives of ideas and thoughts to the class, as well as a good group mentality. That is, until one fall day when i looked over to the man sitting to the left of me, and glanced down at his notes.
Let me digress, i myself have occasionally been known to doodle on my paper or, heaven forbid, access the web for non scholarly work while in class, however, this man was doodling the words “Pink Pen” with his pink pen. At first i thought this was quite hilarious and even tried to look him in the eye to show him i approved of his mischievousness, and then i noticed his plastic blow ring.
O.k, so now i thought, “what a weird little man” here he is, trying to show the world that he’s not too manly to enjoy pink, as well as wear a child’s blow ring on his finger. The more and more i stared at this individual, the more i was being sucked into his blatant disregard of normality. How fun it must be, i pondered, to live life however you want with no cares in the world as to how you appear to everyone else. Way to go, token wierd guy, because no one or nothing can take you down to their level of conformity! What a smart well rounded person he must be, i thought as i left the classroom that day. Here he is in university, not succoming to the pressures he faces all around him. That is, until i heard him speak.

Hang Tight fellow bloggers, Part two is coming soon!