This pisses me off more than anything. I get addicted to eating a certain kind of food and BAM!! the company up and decides they don’t want to carry it anymore. I’m not talking here about “holiday” themed foods (shamrock shakes, mcrib etc) but actual products that for no good reason go missing from the shelves. This has irked me so fuckin’ much because my palette has not forgotten the taste and i am doomed to crave something i can’t have. Here is a list of my favorite foods that for some reason i can’t find anymore.

1. Green Popsicles by Popsicle Pete.

Damn. these are by far the best flavor of all the popcicles. I noticed them missing from their box about 10 years or so. These were always my favorite flavor when i was a kid. Back then we didn’t have 300 million flavors, no fat/free low fat bullshit. Just Cherry,grape, lime and orange. If you were feeling frisky then you might get one of those flavors in Creamsicle form, or better yet, get a fudgesicle. And don’t say i can make them myself because green kool-aid Popsicles DO NOT taste the same and every other brand of Popsicle can kiss my ass. I demand they put these back in the box and banish disgusting orange Popsicles. Also, they should get rid of orange Kool-aid, and Jello as well.

2. Strawberry flavored Fruit Wheats. This was the best cereal. It was like mini wheats but it had a fruit filled center. I called Nabisco a couple of years ago and they told me that it was a promotional item that they may bring back in the future. She also told me that many other people had called inquiring about the same thing. Now to me a “promotional item” is something that lasts a couple of months, not years. When i was pregnant i scoured the stores in vain for this cereal and could not find it for the life of me. I still want the damn things so SCREW YOU Nabisco! for making me a slave to your “promotional cereal.”

Fruit wheats Commercial:

3. McDonalds Pizza. Now i know that many people had a love/hate relationship with this one, but i absolutely LOVED IT!!! i would always order one when i went there and then one day it was gone. What the hell McDonalds? this isn’t like their McRib or Shamrock shake shit either, at least those come back once a year. Where the hell is my McPizza? Damn.