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This is the most disgusting word in the English language. I hate everything about it. I hate the way it rolls off the tongue like a filthy whore, and leaves the same taste in the mouth afterward. (or so i imagine). Not only does it feel disgusting saying it, but the actual meaning of the word is just as disturbing. Some people would connect the word with things like cake or baking, i connect it with some sort of nasty genital disease/condition. Seriously, think of the term Moist carrot cake. mmmmm you might think, but switch that one word with another, let’s say panties and see what sort of image you now associate the word with. That’s right. some kind of disgusting veneral disease. Blech. Here’s an excerpt from a Herpes pamphlet:

The First Genital Herpes Outbreak
The rash of herpes is a cluster of vesicles on a red base. In moist areas like the vagina, herpes may cause ulcerations instead of blisters. In women, the first outbreak of genital herpes can occur on the vulva, cervix, vagina, urethra, anus, buttocks, or thighs. Men usually get an outbreak on the tip of the penis or the shaft, but rarely around the base. Men who have sex with men may also get blisters in or around the anus. The rash in men is usually mild — only 6 to 10 blisters. The blisters in men and women are painful and contain a large number of viral particles; therefore, they are very contagious.

Mmmmmmmm that sure makes me want some Moist cake.

Now i used to think i was some sort of weirdo who was overly neurotic or something, and if that’s the case well then i’ve found a whole bunch of people just as crazy as me. I typed in “hate moist” in google and it seems there is a large following of people just like me out there. In case you’re interested here is the link to the “I hate the word moist” group on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2221467350