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Remember when comics used to be funny? I remember Saturday mornings after cartoons i would eagerly wait until my dad finished the paper so i could get the comics and read my Archie/Calvin and Hobbes comics. Even the weekly funnies used to be, well…funny. As an adult I’ve noticed that the paper is now full of lackluster attempts to be clever but usually just turn out nonsensical (and not in the good way) or just outright annoying.Even Archie and garfield has lost it’s humor. So  Here is a list of my most hated comics.

3. Pearls before Swine.

I hate the way everything is so logistical, i get bored by the second panel. And i hate the way the crocodiles have such a ridiculous accent “zees sucks, i want to eeat zeeeas zeebras” it’s lame and stupid and i hate it.

2. Get Fuzzy

This comic is even worse than the first. It’s about a dog and his roommate/master or whatever who get into big conversations about life. The dog is supposed to be funny, yet i always just find him really annoying and stupid.

1. Dilbert

This is the worst comic strip ever written. I hate it! Actually, i can’t exactly say i hate it because that would require me to have some form of respect for the author and his medium, which i don’t have and he doesn’t deserve so i’ll stick with annoyed.No, the irony is not lost on me here. I understand that it is supposed to be a complete mock up of office life, yet it’s still never funny. A comic for the corporate workers out there chock full of inside jokes and lingo, but it tries way too hard. To add insult to injury, the artist decided to add a dog and rat and justly named them Ratbert and Dogbert. sheesh,! The lineup for the comic also sucks, the punchline is inevitably weak and the set up is almost always missed.I also don’t get the tie. Is it supposed to be in semi erectile form for a reason? Is that a big Fuck you to corporate America? Why is the tie funny? Is it supposed to be? i shouldn’t have to ask so many questions about a fucking tie it just distracts and irritates me.

Better use of Erectile Fuck You Tie……….