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I hate Matthew Broderick.

He essentially plays the same character in every movie he’s ever been in, and all of them suck ass. Yes i admit, i am one of the many few who hated Ferris Buellers day off, but his acting was horrendous. The way he talked to the camera the whole movie was akin to watching a very long, very bad episode of saved by the bell, but with a slightly more retarded version of Zack Morris.

And what the hell was with Godzilla? That movie had the ability to be kinda good, but they throw in useless ‘ol Matt and all of a sudden the movie was so horrible it earned a spot on rotten tomatoes and quickly became a laughing stock of the entertainment industry. Likewise Addicted to love, Beluxi Blues, The freshman….all different characters with different agendas yet as soon as he stepped into the role the movies became bland, boring and predictable. He’s not funny, although he tries to be. or at least the writers intend him to be. It’s too bad he has no more talent than his equally untalented horseface wife.

So find a different outlet you say? maybe he has been cast in the wrong roles? Well he decided to go back to his “true love” of theatre but look what went down when he starred on broadway’s Starry Messenger:

Theatergoers must have wanted to “shoot the messenger” during the first preview of Matthew Broderick’s new play on Monday night. The Broadway veteran put on such a poor showing at “The Starry Messenger” that some fans left in a huff.

Producers may have taken notice of the subpar performance, too: they announced yesterday afternoon that the show will officially open a week later than planned, on Nov. 23.

The reason for all the fuss? Broderick clearly wasn’t prepared for the preview, and had to stop the play to ask for his lines numerous times during the show. And not that anyone’s counting, but, well, okay, they are: An audience member confirms Broderick flubbed 10 times in the first act alone.–Gatecrasher

Well, on the upside at least he didn’t go  the Ashlee Simpson route


So now this video has been spreading like wildfire all over the internet. It is apparently a snippet of a commercial for the superbowl, starring Matt as Ferris Bueller. Forums, which could be put to better use, are now discussing what the ad is going to be for. My guess? Who gives a shit, it’s Matthew Broderick!

**Update 2** Full video released