You ever see these people? Dragging their kids around on leashes like they are their fucking dogs or something. This is one of my biggest parenting pet peeves. I seriously want to walk up to these people and punch them right in their annoying little faces, however, to avoid possible jail time i imagine our conversation would go something like this:

ME: That’s a nice dog you have there ma’am, what breed is it?

UNFIT PARENT: Ecxuse me? That’s my son. What is the matter with you?

ME: With me? Oh i’m sorry. i just saw the leash and assumed…….

UNFIT PARENT: You know, it’s people like you that make this world such a horrible place (while kid is scrambling on all fours to be released)

ME: Hey lady , i’m sorry if i offended you. But i think i have an answer to your problem, a way to keep that kid of yours from pulling away from you…


ME: I saw this episode of the dog whisperer where Cesear Milan said that all you have to do is to pull up on it’s leash. That way, it can’t go anywhere, and you show your dominance.

UNFIT PARENT: Gee thanks, maybe i had you pegged wrong


Ya you see, no matter how it were to go down i think i’d still end up having to punch you in the face. These parents have all the excuses in the world. “but my hands are full, and my kid runs away” “it’s for safety when we cross the street” Blah Blah Blah

When the poor kid grows up it’s either going to be a complete dominant doormat to whomever is in control in their lives, or else grow up to be some sort of apathetic dominant douchebag, like this bitch:

Parents you have been warned!