Clowns scare me.

When i was a kid, I grew up in the country with no cable. Therefore, i was subjected to crappy t.v shows and a lot of old reruns. Bozo the clown was always one i avoided. It was supposed to be a childrens’ variety show but Bozo was absolutely terrifying!

Heeeeeeeeeey Kids!!!!!

He looks like a homicidal maniac about to kill everyone in sight. Even though clowns are supposed to be funny and lighthearted they either come out looking scary as hell or like some homeless wino who found a trash can full of cosmetics and decided to experiment in a drunken haze

Wanna see my balloon animal?

Seriously, WTF? who the hell would hire one of these sad excuses for entertainment for their party? It’s insulting to your guests as well as for humanity. And i can’t believe they actually have a school to learn how to be one of these creepy fucks. It’s like a failed magician mixed with that one asshole at a party who thinks he’s clever because he can pull a never ending hankerchief out of his sleeve, even when i was 2 that was not impressive. Clowns are talentless, boring, attention whores who never fail to be unimpressive, no matter of their “repertoire”of phallic shaped balloons and squirting flowers. And when they go home and take off their novelty clown shoes and wipe off the glitter, they are left with the sad realization that they are unappreciated, scary as fuck hacks so they may as well act on their crazy psychotic urges and become serial killers, because let’s face it folks, there’s no other way this way of life could end.

John Wayne Gacey

I mean really, is this the face of a man who sexually assaulted and then murdered young boys and buried them in his cellar?