You guys are assholes. I remember watching The big breakfast in the mornings to get my early dose of news and entertainment. jon ljungberg was always hilarious, especially when he was speaking to Jimmy Mac. The rapport between these two left my sides splitting. Imagine my surprise when one morning i got up and turned on the T.V to find some new young guy doing the street reports. At first i thought maybe Jimmy was sick or something so i waited a couple days and then looked it up only to find that he had been fired. WTF? they replaced him with this young douche.

Jimmy Mac on the left, Douche on the right

I’m so dissapointed in this move that i find it hard to watch in the mornings, which is unfair to Jon because he is still funny as hell. The new reporters are o.k but not as funny as Terry Apostle, and i just find it annoying as hell when bigwigs decide to eliminate good reporters in favor of younger ones. Ageism exists for both sexes and i think it should be stopped.

Regardless of me being pissed off about this, Jimmy Mac, true to form has continued to bring laughter to his fans via different methods. Times may change, but true talent will always find ways to succeed.

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