To a child, almost nothing is worse than family picture day. You have to get dressed in some horrible outfit that you’d never get caught dead in and have it memorialized on the wall for all to see for the rest of your life. Now most parents opt for an ugly sweater/khaki combo, or if you’re female some ugly dress whose color scheme largely depends on the decade. Throw in bad home done perms, frosted hair and mullets and you’ve got yourself a memento for the ages. However, some parents take this outing a bit too far. Especially when there’s a theme involved. The theme can be tricky to pull off. If it’s Christmas you might encounter several of these presented to you in the form of a Christmas card. The participants usually have on a simple accessory such as a Santa hat, or colorful red and green sweaters, for summer pics, sunglasses and hats are a nice touch.There are however people who definitely cross the line, in effect causing therapy for their children in the years to come. Here are a few of the worst offenders.

The “cool”Mom/Dad

This is the parent who tries to dress/act like their children, going as far as to dress the same as them. Mostly this does not work unless your parent is some rock star, which sadly this mom is not.

C'mon kids JAZZ HANDS!!!!!

My heart bleeds for the two little boys the most.


The “Geek” Family

I’m not sure these families commit this heinous crime on purpose or as a joke, to them this is their way of showing how unique they are with their love of star trek/wars, chess and other nerdy pastimes. However, I’m sure the whole family is not on the same page here, and more often than not pretend they have no idea who the rest of their family is when they are out together.

Danger Will Robinson

Wilson family to enterprise

The boy on the right couldn’t get laid after this, ironically the girl below him couldn’t keep the boys off her.

The WTF?

These are the photos that are just so far out there that you just look at it and wonder when the family will get carted off to the funny farm. These pictures cross so many boundaries that i don’t even know where to begin. What the hell were these people thinking? Who the hell did they even hand these pictures out to? I can just imagine the weird ass looks that people gave when they received these photos…Actually, I’m a little jealous i never had the privilege of receiving a picture so fucked up.

Outfit borrowed from Michael Jackson's wardrobe

Smile kids!

OMG! This picture is so fucked up. What the hell are they proving here? They are celebrating Christmas in some sunny locale, the mom’s coconut bra i get i guess…but what the hell is with the Adam and Eve crotch leaves?

And finally, the worst offender of the bunch…………………………..

What's this thing?

What. The . Hell.

There are so many things wrong here.

1.  The fact that they are all wearing furry pink naked suits.

2. the little girl pulling the dads “sack”

3. the fact that he’s eagerly showing it off

4. the rubber boots

5. The space invaders shaped chest hair on the father

6. The horrible hard as a rock looking, uneven breasts on the mother

The fact that someone else was there to take the picture, yes that’s right remember that someone out there had to take this picture.

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