waste of space

I hate this mall, and i use the mall term VERY loosely.What a waste of space. The only good store in the whole building is the LC, what a joke. There are Two Asia stores located directly across the building from each other, selling the exact same shit at the exact same price but with two different names. WTF this isn’t St Vital mall. Sheesh. The whole top level is pretty much devoted to the food court, except for one empty ladies store and a travel agency. Then back on the ground floor there is an A&W, as if there was no room for that in the top floor food court. Also, there is a cibc and a cigarette store on the main floor which only aids in the fact that the whole outside of the building is teeming with homeless people and bums asking to borrow a ciggy the second you emerge from the store. I just don’t get it winnipeg. We spend millions of dollars on the MTS center and the Millennium library and then surround it with this stinking piece of shit. Even Portage place has become an infestation of undesirables, which i blame on the cheaply rented real estate on portage and the decision to rent to low budget stores such as the red apple and the bargain store. If we want to revitalize the downtown area we must relocate the low class stores to strip malls and other areas where they are most needed, such as low income neighborhoods.

With the installation of the new Hydro building, the Museum of Human Rights and other high end attractions and installations around the city we are forgetting to weed out the trash. Other cities follow this lead, the main downtown areas of other big cities are not a one strip joke.

Wake up Winnipeg! Let’s stop being the trailer trash of Canada.