You know who you are.

We all know at least one. These are the people who you can spend a whole night with and when all is said and done you know every little detail of their meager existence, yet you probably never got one word in the whole time. I have known people like this and if i didn’t voulenteer any personal information i bet they would not even know my last name. It’s so annoying! When i was in high school i had a friend like this who i knew every little thing about, hearing her complain about every fucking thing under the sun including

1. Parents and how much they suck

2. Boyfriends, lack of boyfriends, boyfriends who cheat, boyfriends who are friends with other girls, boyfriends who hurt their feelings Blah Blah Fucking Blah

3. Money, no money

4. not getting clothes/music/money etc

5. How fat they got, how much acne they have, how stringy/puffy/frizzy their fucking hair is

6. every other thing they ever mentioned to me

The worst part of the deal was, because i wasn’t a big fucking drama queen i became known as the “listener” the true friend they could rely on for my advice….but guess what? They NEVER EVER took it and when shit backfired,(as it always would of course, because in case you haven’t been paying attention EVERYTHING goes wrong for them)They would come back crying and sobbing and asking for even more advice that i know they wouldn’t take.

Slowly, to regain my own sanity, i had to cut these people out of my life. Guess what? Now i can go out with friends and enjoy a two sided conversation about normal things, without all the “poor me” bullshit. So my advice to anyone out there with a drama queen/king friend is to either tell them to shut the fuck up and think of someone else for a change, or if you’re feeling wicked start acting like them and complain about every little thing to them until they cut you lose….but then, that just gives them something else to bitch about.