I can’t help but recoil in horror whenever i find out people in this day and age still use these on their children, even hospitals use the ear thermometers. It’s disgusting and i know this is not the case but i can’t help thinking it’s some sort of sodomy. Anal probing to find out how high your child’s temperature is? Really? What ever happened to using the back of your hand to see if your kid has a fever, i still do that and my kid hasn’t died yet.

The really disturbing thing is how children’s television shows have gotten in on the ass rape by marketing anal thermometers with their characters

oooh a cave to explore!This horrendous object plays a song and speaks while it reads your child’s temperature. Imagine for a moment; being a small child, feeling sick and shivery and having your favorite cartoon character transform into the object of all that is unholy? Imagine hearing this with your pants pulled down?Let\’s Party

First of all, the child isn’t going to be able to see the thermometer anyway, so what the hell is the point? Is it so the parents feel less weird about shoving a cartoon character toy up their child’s ass instead of a regular looking thermometer?

So here’s the bottom line; it’s 2010 we are technologically advanced to the point where we can invent tiny little nanoprobes and you’re still sticking big yellow spongebobs up your kids butt to find a temp? Although, if it was regular looking there could be a couple of mishaps