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Oh geez. I can’t believe that so many people still get their gitch in a knot over which operating system/computers are better.What the fight is really about is which operating system is better; WinDOH’s or Osx leopard/puma/snow leopard/fucking jackrabbit for all i care. For one, every person has their own needs and preferences for what type of functionality they want in their computer purchase. we don’t need a “backseat driver” friend piping up in the background about how we are making the wrong choice in buying a Pc/Mac. Don’t get me wrong here, if a first time buyer is asking for help in deciding what they should choose, a friend or family member who is knowledgeable with computers is surely an asset. What these people tend to forget is that the computer that is about to be purchased is not for YOU. Your 70 year old grandparents/parents probably have no use for high end video cards, extra RAM, USB ports and built in web cams. (this my friends, is the horror of chatroulette) Most beginner computer users only want the computer for access to the internet and a word processing program. This is where the trouble really begins. Mac users are quick to point out the age friendly programs for their system. This is true, using the Mac can be a very simple process, however, this is also true of the Pc. In these cases, most people would advise the buyer to purchase a Pc based on the lower grade models which are very affordable, One such model could be bought for under $500.00 and have everything a person in that situation would require. That being said, unless that person pirates software (which is doubtful) they then have to purchase anti-virus programs, anti- spyware etc. The Mac does not suffer the same high security risks as the Pc, and they do not sell “low end” computers. The cheapest usually run around $1100.00. Some people will see this as an investment, while others see it as trendsetting.

Leaving the beginners behind, we are now faced with the really annoying people. The “knowledgeable” computer users. I use the term loosely because every person has a different skill set and differing ideas on what makes one more supreme in the computer category. Some say it is the people who use the computers to build websites/games/photography /programming, etc. To these people i remind them that many of the video games/websites/flash games etc that are out in the world and in use by millions were created on a Mac….likewise there are a similar amount created with the Pc. What it all comes down to, like i said before, is what YOUR personal preference is, NOT what you think everyone else should be doing. It’s not a fucking religion, it’s a computer. So lighten the hell up, stop being a Debbie downer and leave me the hell out of your stupid fights about which is better.

And what of Linux? There are millions of users yet it get’s treated like the 1940’s  handicapped family member hidden away. The point is whoever thinks that their computer/OS is far superior than any other needs to realize that they are not investing in it for a lifetime. It’s not a marriage, technology changes rapidly. Both systems could be wiped out in the next 50 years and your grand kids will think you were dumb as shit to have “one of those piece of shit machines”