Seriously? wtf is wrong with you people. You need to have an electronic device to read a book nowadays? It was bad enough when there was only a small handful of these around, but now they are getting pumped out by the dozens. Here are a couple of reasons why this is so annoying.

Amazon Kindle (version 1)

$259.00 (plus shipping and handling)

250 mb memory, holds 200 titles

with a 6 inch screen the original model boasts Over 400,000 English-language books, glare free reading, an ability to download a book in 60 seconds, a PDF reader and pretty much nothing else.  Let’s break this down. 400,000 books? oh yeah, opposed to the Millions of books that there out in the world you have now paid almost $300.00 to have the privilige of only getting acess to 400,00 of them, mind you, the 400,000 is sure to be brand new titles, classic titles and whatever is the trend with yuppies. I imagine that this works out for any idiot stupid enough to buy this piece of shit. I also love how the Kindle boasts how the pages “turn like real paper”you know, as opposed to using actual real paper from an actual real book. If i were to treat this the way i treat “real” books that means as soon as i get it I’ll smell it, snap back the spine, break the corner off to save my page, and then later take it in the bathtub with me.And who the hell in the marketing team thought it would be a good idea to name the thing after something that is used to start fires? Is this some sort of subliminal book burning reference?

Let's burn this shit

Kobo eReader


With 1 whole gig of memory you can hold up to 1000 e books on this bad boy and it Supports multiple content types: e Books, PDFs, Newspapers & Magazines. After the release of the Kindle there came a whole slew of these knock off devices each promising better resolution, larger screen size and easy accessibility to titles.



Sony® Reader
Pocket Edition™

Barnes & Noble

Kindle™ 2

Canadian Price
$149 $199.99 Not available $259
Availability CAN CAN/US US only US/CAN (International version only)
Available Colours Porcelain, Black Blue, Silver, Rose White White
Device Size 184mm x 120mm 157.5mm x 107.8mm 196mm x 124mm 203.2mm x 134.6mm
Device Depth 10mm 10.2mm 13mm 9.1mm
Weight 221g 200g 317g 289.2g
Diagonal display size 6” E Ink 5” E Ink 6” E Ink 6” E Ink
Screen grey scale level 8 level 8 level 16 level 16 level
Memory 1 GB 440 MB 2 GB 2 GB
Memory3 (No. of eBooks) Up to 1000 Up to 350 Up to 1500 Up to 1500
Memory Expansion
Font sizes 5 3 5 6
Choice of Font Styles check
Pre-loaded eBooks 100 classic eBooks Limited book excerpts
File Formats ePub, PDF, Adobe DRM ePub, PDF, BBeB, TXT, RTF, .doc, Adobe DRM ePub, PDF, PDB, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, Adobe DRM, MP3 AZW, AZW1, PDF, TXT, RTF, .doc, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, MOBI, PRC, AA, AAX, MP3
Connectivity USB, Bluetooth® USB USB, 3G, Wi-Fi USB, 3G

The whole point everyone seems to be missing is that it’s not really easier to use than a book, nor is it less hassle. Books can be dropped, ripped, submerged, and easily replaced. Access to millions of  books  is available from your local library for free (or a one time small membership fee) If you lose a book you usually are not out hundreds of dollars. On the plus side books can also be used as missing legs for coffee tables, hollowed out to hide your drugs in, a device for pressing flowers, a handy paperweight,a chair, or even a little fort for yourself