Ok, so tonight i was sitting here with my fiance and he says to me “do you remember the rhyme AEIOU and sometimes Y and W?” and i admit i looked at him like he was slightly retarded. WTF i said, there is no such thing as  “and W” where the hell did you hear that from? and i go on and on harassing him because he went to french immersion until grade 12 so i thought maybe he had retarded teachers or something. This coming off the heels of me receiving my last credit for a B.A in English and History. So here i stand, proudly announcing he is wrong and that he had stupid french teachers. Well he goes on Google and finds that exact fucking phrase. WTF? seriously? well it goes to explain that like the letter Y, W is also considered a vowel in 2 English words of Welsh origin, where the W acts as a catalyst in achieving the vowel sound (phonetically) here is the example he found:

“W” is a vowel in the very few words borrowed from Welsh. Two of these are “cwm”, which is a special type of valley, and “cwr”, which is a type of train tracks made from single long rails rather than a bunch of short ones put together.

You can find “cwm” here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/cwm

O.k, after that i still didn’t grasp the idea behind it. After further research (which of course i do cause I’m anal) I realized that they consider it a vowel because of the sound that the W creates. W = Waaaaa or W= Wehhhh so it makes a vowel even though none is present. As a scholar of English and the fact that i teach it as ESL i call Bullshit. This is the perfect example of how the Julian calendar has somehow managed to survive over the past couple hundred years even though the majority of the world uses the Gregorian calendar. On top of this, i find that it’s confusing because only certain teachers who are privy to this little known fact incorporate it into their lessons, leaving children more knowledgeable, yet appearing less knowledgeable because the majority of people have never heard this rule. Also, because it deals with phonetics and a really fucked up rule,elementary and junior high schooled children have no logical use in learning this. The discussion is advanced linguistics, which should only be researched in university or advanced high school English. Also, who the fuck speaks Welsh anymore? I mean in Canada, because now that Canada is officially separated from England we have no use for their fucked up rules of speech.

In true anal fashion, i have contacted my favorite two university PHD profs who can weigh in on this conversation. I flat out refuse to believe shit i read on any WIKI as well as any Yahoo answer and I’m far too lazy to research this shit on my own, so when the answer comes back; as to whether or not this rule is outdated or still in effect, I’ll be sure to let you all know.