I hate the bureaucracy of child rearing these days. The way the world decides to dictate how i raise my children, and what makes me a good parent. Now i don’t mean the major things here, i’m talking the sly little looks that parents give each other on the playground when they spot a child riding a bike without a helmet. The not so subtle tsk tsk of disapproval that means they believe i don’t care about my child’s safety. Because my child doesn’t bow his head at a wedding/funeral, does not make me a bad parent.

Actually, i believe in my child’s individuality, his ability to make mistakes and then understand the ramifications that are caused by his decisions. His right to HIS choice of religion or lack thereof, his ability to create his own stereotypes and realization that some may be incorrect (or correct depending on HIS beliefs) No, my child will not be dictated to, He will be advised, loved, cherished, and grow up with the ability to rationalize for himself because he will have had access to knowledge that is not one sided.

Also, all the bloody rules of raising kids these days are making our children meek, weak, cling-ons in a society that is getting rougher by the decade. When i was a kid, i didn’t wear a helmet when i rode my bike, went ice skating, I played street hockey in *GASP* the street, i walked to school alone, i hammered rusty nails in random boards, walked through construction sites, climbed on our garage roof and jumped off into snowbanks. I cooked my own snacks on the stove, i stayed home alone, etc, etc. Our generation turned out pretty fine, so why on earth do we treat our kids like objects that are to be controlled by restriction? The last couple of decades saw the leash for kids, no smoking in restraunts, no smoking in cars, the ban of the walker!!! what kid didn’t have one of these growing up?

We treated our injuries like badges of honor, comparing scabs and scars, bragging about broken arms and how we got them by jumping backwards out of a tree or doing a wheelie off a bike ramp we made out of discarded boards we found in the garbage bins. The very idea of digging through the dump would send my kid running (germs you know) Because nowadays all kids have teeny bottles of fucking purell because of the fear of every disease in the world, the fear implanted by the commercials. Kids are too scared to do anything without getting SARS or fucking tetanus from their over-protective parents. Parents who rush their kids to the ER because they got the wind knocked out of them.

I say we let our kids live life to the fullest

That means letting them experience life for it’s ups AND downs. Stop overprotecting them, if we don’t they will never be well rounded individuals. They will meld with the crowd and all decisions will be made based on the mob mentality.