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Blah Blah I’m such a bitch

Dear Nancy Grace,

You are an overbearing bitch who doesn’t even have the decency to shut the fuck up when you have no idea what you’re talking about. Your shrill voice seems to invade every room in a 5 mile vicinity every time i surf past CNN. (which used to be one of my favorite channels before your arrival). You are on 10 times a day and argue with every single person on your show regardless of if they are an invited guest or someone you are interviewing. Your right-wing propaganda seeps into every sentence you speak, and your misogynistic views make Americans who lobby for your show look like bigger assholes than they already are. YOU are what’s wrong with America. People like you who think they are an expert on every person charged with a crime. Nothing gets past you does it? Oh, except for the fact that you yourself have been investigated for misconduct while acting as a prosecutor

  • Her opening statement in the case promised the jury evidence of physical abuse that she had to know would never be admissible because that entire aspect of the case had already been excluded by the judge.
  • Subpoenas that contained hearing dates Grace knew to be false.
  • Failure to disclose a full witness list to the defense in a timely fashion
  • Showing a chart during closing arguments that falsely stated a defense expert had not contradicted the state’s case on a key issue.
  • Also, during closing argument, “vouching” for the case by telling the jury she herself believed Carr to be guilty.
  • And finally, performing two illegal searches of Carr’s house, including one during which she was accompanied by a CNN camera crew

Oh, and she was also partially responsible for the suicide of Melinda Duckett. Duckett (21) agreed to appear on the Nancy Grace show after her son went missing. She believed that the exposure would propel the case into the spotlight and help to find her missing child. Nancy Grace took her appearance as an opportunity to harass Duckett during the entire interview, accusing her of being the person who killed her son and repeatedly asking her why she did it and where she hid the body. Duckett was in tears for the duration of the interview and Grace acted like a classless bitch throughout. after the interview Duckett felt that the media would now view her as a suspect and that her son would never be found. She comitted suicide shortly after.

Grace is a certified Bitch, I have no idea who the hell watches this crap so often that it has to be on all day.And to make things worse, she’s spawned other shows that follow her lead. Watch out JANE VALEZ, you’re next!


So today i came across this article on BUZZFEED and wanted to reprint it here. It’s basically a list of some of Nancy Grace’s stupid hashtags on twitter. The idiocy of this woman. She’s such a fanatical bitch. If this was the Salem witch trials you’d best bet this crackpot would be the first one standing in the pews, screaming her Quaker head off about “thinking of the children” or fucking morals or some shit. Hey, @NancyGrace #youareastupidfanaticalcrazyassbitch