I hate trying to fold these things. Usually i get it out of the dryer and after fiddling with it for about 10 minutes, i usually just grab it and shape it into sort of a roll and toss it in the back of the closet, this way guests or family members who go into the closet don’t see the huge bulking mess because I’ve strategically covered it with towels. Now i’ve watched people do it on t.v but i guess i wasn’t paying very much attention because after trying to copy what they do (mind you by the time i get the sheet out the segment is usually over and i must rely on my memory) this is usually still my end result:;

stuff me in the back of the closet!!!!

But for all of you who have the time or care to actually learn how folding a fitted sheet is actually done, let’s watch this old lady show you how to do it!

And another tip to keep it folded in the closet is to store both sheets and pillowcase into the other pillowcase. This keeps everything neat, tidy and easily accessible………..Or you can just say fuck it and shove it in the back closet.