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I can’t stand bad phone etiquette. People who, for one reason or another, have given up common sense and decided that acting like an ass is acceptable. Here are some examples of things i hate about irritating phone users:

example of great parenting

1. Texting instead of calling

It seems that the more technologically driven our society becomes, the less manners people keep. We now live in the age where people find it acceptable to text each other (in shorthand) instead of calling each other on the phone. The crazy thing about this, is that you are more likely to receive a bunch of texts a day from your friends for completely useless things, whereas they would never call you on the phone for the same reasons. Why is this acceptable? I find it annoying as hell that your friends will text you for some idiotic thing such as “omg! the guy @ this prty iz soooo HOT!!!” Which naturally is followed by a bunch of stupid emoticons. Now imagine for one minute that your friend actually phoned you to say that one sentence, only that one sentence, and then let you go. Wtf? Reasons why i hate texting:

  • People who text you back and forth a million times trying to organize the evening. Here’s a thought, CALL THEM, the conversation will only take a minute and you don’t have to wait for each text .
  • People who text you links to spam. Are you fucking serious? this is why i didn’t want to give you my number in the first place.
  • Kids under the age of 16 who have a cell phone. If you aren’t old enough to drive, you don’t need to text your friends, you can call on a regular phone like we used to. You won’t die.
  • Text speak. I hate all the little nuances that are involved in texting, i am an adult, i do not write like an illiterate street rat, nor do i wish to decipher your crap.
  • People who forget that their cellphone is , you guessed it, A FUCKING PHONE!

2. People who tell you to call them and then have nothing to say

ummm yeah, uh huh, hmmmm

Why do you make me promise to call you and then when i do the silence is deafening? If you have nothing to say to me, don’t ask me to phone you. The same goes for people calling me for no reason. I don’t mind the whole “chit chat” scenario where you ask what i did today and what’s new and so forth, but i hate the conversation that is already dying by the time i picked up. I am not a filler for your boring day, i’m not here to solely amuse you. Piss off.

3. People who hang up without saying goodbye.

Aarrrgh!! fuck you

you guys are assholes! I hate this more than anything. People who call you and right at the end of the conversation they say something like “so I’ll see you at eight” and then dial tone. Umm excuse me, did you just hang up on me? What the hell? Just because you are done with your side of the conversation does not excuse you from being someone who has manners. Just say goodbye. I will actually call these fuckers back when this happens, when they answer and say “Hello” i just shout “Good-bye” into the phone and hang up. Hopefully they get the message. As much as this annoys me, people can take this in a whole different direction that’s almost worse, introducing:

4. People who say goodbye too much

These people refuse to end the conversation, the offenders are usually couples and witnissing the dialouge is almost as bad as being a part of it. The conversation goes as follows:

“Ok, i love you goodbye babe”


“Ok babe, hang up now”

“You first”

“no, you first *giggle*”

“okay on three”

“one, two, Three”




“you didn’t hang up silly *giggle*”

“neither did you “

Seriously? By now i usually would like to rip the phone out of their fucking hands and break it on the floor, but i tend to use constraint and just take note that these people should no longer be allowed in my life.