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Look at all my Glitter!!

If you don’t know who the Black eyed Peas are, you must have been living under a rock for the last couple of years. Their annoying, auto-tuned repetitive jingles are all over the radio, commercials and tv shows. The band consists of Will.I.Am, Fergie and two other guys that no one seem to ever be able to name because let’s face it, they are not what sells the band. No, what sells this band is outspoken Will.I.am and his outrageous cries for attention and Fergie, the lone girl of the group who tries to sex up every song with either 1: her strong woman persona, or 2. her pouty woman persona. To be fair, i do think that Fergie has a good voice, unfortunately her talent is being wasted; the rest of the band is all smoke and mirrors and when she does do a solo song, all her BEP bad habits come into play. I’m not sure there is any hope. Plus she pees her pants on stage

Uh oh, Where's my champagne to cover this up?

Taken from a Men’s Magazine: Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has confessed to urinating on stage during a recent concert. The sexy singer said she had to douse herself with champagne in front of hundreds of Australian fans to disguise the fact.  She is quoted by Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper as saying: “I had a few drinks before going onstage, but I didn’t think to go to the bathroom. “We were jumping around and my bladder just started… you know.”

Anyway, enough about Fergie and on to the Thievery!

BEP’s Checklist to a hit song:

  1. Go through demos submitted to labels and take one that seems like it won’t be missed
  2. Start song off with either Woo-hoo or another easily shouted word (monosyllabic is preferred)
  3. Add auto tune
  4. Write some words for the song, easier to remember is better
  5. Add more auto tune
  6. Get sexy costume for Fergie, Sparkly outfit for Will.I.Am
  7. When performing stand together, fist pump, and jump up and down in one spot
  8. When confronted with possible evidence of music theft, insist you have written both words and Music, and Deny, Deny, Deny

There is nothing wrong with a band sampling another artist’s music WITH their permission. It becomes a crime when the music is ripped off and the original artist recieves no compensation for their work. The worst part is, in many cases such as this, the original artists are unsigned talent that have no money to sue big bands such as the BEP’s. One way to help prevent this is to make sure people are aware of their actions and attitudes towards deserving talent.

Listed below are some of the examples of why they are being accused/sued for stealing other artist’s music. Have a listen to both and decide for yourselves.

* some of these video’s will bring you to youtube.


Exhibit 1. BEP vs Bryan Pringle

Bryan Pringle – Take a Dive written and recorded 1999

Pringle claims he has been submitting demo CDs to Interscope, UMG and EMI over the last decade, and believes they willfully used his recording for the BEP’s song “I’ve got a feeling.” Although the music is not 100% exactly the same, the hook Is pretty much a copy.

BEP – I Gotta Feeling. 2009

Written by: The Black Eyed Peas , Frédéric Riesterer, David Guetta.

Exhibit 2 BEP vs Phoenix Phenom

Phoenix Phenom – Boom Dynamite. Written and recorded 2007/8

Ebony Latrice Batts, who performs as Phoenix Phenom, and her songwriter Manny Mohr of Aurora, IL, claim that the hit is a little too similar to their song “Boom Dynamite” to be coincidence.To make matters worse, Phoenix Phenom sent the demo to interscope records the Peas’s label, in the hopes of getting Fergie to perform on the track. Instead, Interscope turned them down, and the Black Eyed Peas came out with their chart-topped shortly after.

BEP – Boom Boom Pow – Written by the BEP

Will.I.Am stated that the music was inspired by 1980’s song “Planet Rock ”

Exhibit 3. BEP vs Adam Freeland (case settled in favor of Freeland)

Adam Freeland – Mancry. Written and recorded 2007


BEP – Party All the time.2009

In this instance Will.I.am had stated in court that their manager gave them the beat for the song and they were unaware that it was taken without the owner’s consent.


Exhibit 4. BEP’s vs Daft Punk(Permission to sample was denied by Daft Punk)


Daft Punk – Around The World. Written by Daft Punk (Thomas Bangalter Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo) and recorded in 1997


BEP – I got it from my Mama (Remix) 2007

Will.I.Am did a remix of “I Got It from My Mama” which included a sample from Daft Punk‘s “Around the world.” Daft Punk denied will.i.am use of the sample. However, a music video was produced with the sample included and featuring The Paradiso Girls. The opening scene for all of Daft Punk’s Human after all videos is used for the video

Exhibit 5. BEP vs George Clinton

George Clinton – George Clinton & Parliament-Not Just Knee Deep (1979)

In December of 2010, Clinton filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the BEP’s for stealing his song without consent.Clinton alleges that his signature was forged on forms that showed his consent.  Stealing from an unknown is one thing, but from a legend like George Clinton? BEP’s are you TRYING to get caught?

BEP – Shut up (remix) 2003