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It occurred to me the other day that there are so many things that piss me off, it would take a long time to list them all on the site. So here is a list of things that piss me off in no particular order:

  1.  People who leave toast crumbs in the butter/cheese whiz/peanut butter container. USE TWO KNIVES!!!!
  2. People who read over my shoulder when I’m on the computer.
  3. People who spell “Light” as “Lite”
  4. People who use the term “Literally” for everything, even when it is NOT literal.
  5. Biting into a jellybean/chocolate only to find out it is coffee flavored
  6. People who don’t know the difference between it’s/its,  their/there/they’re, and  your/you’re
  7. Having facebook friends that you would never, under any circumstances talk to in real life.
  8. Couples who say “we’re pregnant!” No you’re not, She’s pregnant! (also not telling the difference between we’re,where, and were)
  9. Freezer burn on ice cream
  10. People who do not pronounce words correctly. This pisses me off so much i am actually going to insert a list within a list.
  1. ANYWAY. Why do people add an “s” to it? it’s “Anyway” not “Anyways”
  2. ARCTIC. It’s “Ark-tik” not “Ar-tik”
  3. ATHLETE.  pronounced “Ath-lete”, not “Ath-uh-lete”
  4. LIBRARY.  you saying “Li-berry” sounds like some sort of smoothie concoction. It’s pronounced “Li-brair-y”
  5. MINIATURE. The word has four syllables not three. “Min-e-Ah-ture” NOT “Min-a-ture”
  6. MISCHIEVOUS. I know the word isn’t used very often but when it is, it drives me nuts that people say “Mis-chee-vi-us” instead of “Mis-chi-vus”
  7. PREVENTIVE. Please say “Pre-ven-tive” not “Pre-vent-ti-tive”
  8. REALTOR. For some reason, people always feel the need to add an additional “a”here. It’s “Real-Tor” not “Real-a-tor”
  9. TICKLISH. I’m not “tick-i-lish”, I’m “Tick-lish”
  10. REGARDLESS. This word is a bonus because most people have no problem pronouncing it, the problem is when they decide to add the NON word “IRREGARDLESS” Listen up people. THIS IS NOT A WORD!!!!! Please stop saying it in sentences when you speak to me or i may have to punch you in the throat.