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In the early 90’s women decided they would like to have a tattoo in a place that doesn’t get stretched out of shape when they get pregnant or older. The lower back proved to be the perfect spot for this. Due to the fact that the style of the time consisted of midriff tops and low rise jeans that constantly showed off the tattoos, the women who had them were stereotyped as sluts or whores, hence the term “tramp Stamp”. It quickly became popular with woman and was considered by many to be very sexually appealing. A running joke is that the stamp indicates a target, and that the larger the tramp stamp, the bigger the slut.

Exhibit A: Not a huge slut

Exhibit B: Comes with her own handlebars

Where's the clutch on this bad boy?

Now that we have established the hierarchy of the tramp stamp, let us delve into the elusive world of the male tramp stamp, or as it is better known the “douche Cartouche” No matter how hot the guy is, he immediately turns into a complete douche as soon as he unleashes this beast upon the world. Let’s take a peek shall we?

  • This guy is searching for the proper ratio of short shorts to tattoo douchebaggery.

Hey man, can you rub some lotion onto my totally awesome tat?

  •       Imagine seeing this shitstorm at the music festival? I’m sure the dude behind this guy was expecting drunk women, drunkenly teetering on their boyfriend’s shoulders, maybe even showing a little boobies? Certainly not this ass’s ass.

Lift me higher boys!

  • Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Butt-man Butt-man

Come around to the front and i'll show you my "boy wonder"

  • I’m pretty sure that this guy isn’t even wearing pants.

i wonder if i'm oily enough?

  •  The loner. Don’t feel too bad, this guy was gonna be alone no matter what.
  • Why doesn't anyone want to play with me?

    The douche cartouche is rising in popularity, what was once elusive has now evolved into a horrible plague on mankind. Douches all over the world are embracing the placement, hoping to pass it off as a ironic statement to gender trends. Hipsters are using it as product placement, juicers and gym rats use it to highlight muscles. Ah what the hell, i don’t pay attention to those wankers anyway, as long as it doesn’t invade the rest of the men.

Oh shit, the corporate tramp stamp!

  • Look what i’m hiding under here

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