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So about 2 years ago, i wrote a post on Food that i love that is no longer made. Well my friends, the day has come where one of my old favorites has now come back. That’s right, i’m talking Fruit Filled Mini wheats!

     Last year, All Bran came up with a somewhat tasty, yet still inferior version of this. This is probably when the Kellogs people were like “Fuck that noise! That’s our shit man! (this is in no way verbatim, yet i’m still pretty confident this is how it went down)

So i promptly went out and bought a box. You see, there’s nothing as sweet as looking at the little mini wheat guy on the cover of the box, biting into the middle of a filled mini wheat and imagining that the little guy is being torn apart in my mouth. I can almost hear his sweet sugary little screams.

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