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A long time ago, being a celebrity was something that many people strove for and most people never achieved. In order to become a celebrity, one had to have made contributions in a certain field to be considered worthy of notice. Politicians, artists, Literary figures, brilliance, athletes and of course actors were oftentimes the professions of these celebrities. As time went on, we became fascinated with fame, and in due course crime and infamy. Notoriety became the new subject of fascination, and “wholesome” genres of yesteryear were abandoned for the shock value of reality television.

It all began innocently enough with talk shows, yet the clamor for “dirt and secrets” soon gave way to daytime talk shows such as Donahue, Geraldo and Sally Jesse Raphael. Not to be outdone, smaller scale affiliations started to introduce viewers to a more explosive and controversial side to reality and came up with the Richard Bey show (a talk show which incorporated elephant noises when overweight people walked on stage) to the more popular Jerry Springer show.

After the daytime crap shows came what (at first) seemed to be a new type of reality show; the competition. Here we see the birth of Fear Factor, Big Brother and Survivor. Surely taking a bunch of strangers and having them compete for cash prize must be a good idea right? Right? after all, when these people are done the show they will go back to their dreary lives and forget their 15 minutes of fame…..

I mean Take Survivor for instance, The first winner pretty much walked around nude the whole damn show, wagging his peen in everyone’s way…if i did that on the street I’d be arrested. How was this not sexual harassment of some sort? Plus it was supposed to be a family show.

Just dropping the kids off at the sandbox

That’s alright, i’m sure everything else he did was on the up and up….Oh no wait, he was arrested and charged with tax evasion and served jail time TWICE…but he said it was because he was gay. On top of all of this, he still managed to appear on another reality show, The apprentice. So much for fading away into obscurity for winning a game.

Now a show that gave us that gem so early on in the game couldn’t have possibly given us another right? I mean what could be worse than honoring a guy that really didn’t do much in the first place? How about giving a racist, bigoted, uptight crazy bitch a talk show?

Oh Elisabeth Hasselback, one of the most asshole-y people on the planet, she was a rude bitch on survivor and continues to be a rude bitch on the view. Yet she’s not fired, why? Because people still continue to watch that shitty show and continue to enable her career. Kudos to Bill Maher for not punching her in the face when she wouldn’t shut up about a joke he made and she took it completely out of context:

She also tried to take on, Whoopi Goldburg, Rosie O’Donnell, Kathy Griffen, and Janine Garofalo…i think she just hates anything funny.

In the last few years we have been bombarded with reality t.v aimed at a younger crowd. Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant, for instance seem to be aimed at the under 18 crowd. The show’s stars and producers tell the media that their intent is to warn kids to have safe sex and wait to have kids. Some of the teens like Janelle Evans and Amber Portwood have lost custody of their children and have both been in jail, yet they are still being pursued by MTV and its affiliates as well as being paid for appearances in magazines and other forms of media. I could fill a whole other blog on these two shows alone. The worst part with these shows is the sheer fact that these kids are being used by adults.

Watch me!

So to recap, we started off with reality shows based on interviews and talk shows, graduated to competition shows, reached the horror of teen pregnancy and child exploitation (don’t even get me started on Toddlers and Tiaras..i had to stop myself from even going there) and now we end with..Socialites. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, People famous for being rich and nothing else…..

What’s that blinking light? That’s hot!

I have no idea anything is being recorded, i just pose like this at the end of my bed before i have posed sex with my boyfriend every time !

Oh Man! these two are sure a piece of work, and the public keeps lapping the shit up! After the release of Paris’s sex tape, she had a steady stream of shit shows for years. Plus an album or two! And don’t even get me started on Kim, I’m not even sure what she does, except wander around wearing different wigs and using different accents to scare the crap out of her family. (seriously, watch this clip to see what it looks like to watch a mind snap)

Kim Kardashian Wigs out